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Aloaha Attestation Server

With the new blockchain technology finally username and passwords can become obsolete as blockchain identity management could replace passwords and fix many hacking problems. It provides distributed ledger technology as the foundation for a decentralized trusted identity. It can act as a decentralized counterpart to existing identity products like Facebook Connect, the difference is that users can prove their uniqueness – without sharing that information with a website.

With the Aloaha Attestation Server you would need to register your identity ONLY with your browser (be it on your desktop machine or mobile device) by leveraging blockchain-linked private keys without ever transmitting any data to a 3rd party. Your browser will host the secure wallet for ultimate portability.

With that browser based wallet you can digitally sign an identity ticket which is then confirmed with a cross signature by other trusted identities (attestation service). This identity ticket can then be used to logon and authenticate to any 3rd party service without having to use a username and password and without revealing any personal data. We demonstrate that with our Aloaha e-Forms Server HERE.

How does it work?

  1. Website refers a web session to the Attestation Server. For example: or
  2. User types in the local browsers wallet password to unlock temporarily his private key (password or key never leave the browser)
  3. In case the local wallet has never been used before the user needs to type in his Mnemonic Phrase (private key) and a secure password. More details HERE. 
  4. Browser wallet signs referrer nonce, attestation nonce, current date and time and some more unique parameters.
  5. Attestation Service validates all signatures and adds his own signature, date, time, etc.
  6. Web session is referred back to original website containing blockchain ID, signatures in case the website wants to check them again.
  7. User is authenticated without using any username and password.

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