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Blockchain Technologies

Within the next few years your business will be somehow using Blockchain technologies as Blockchain is much more than just a platform form virtual currencies.

Blockchain technologies are bound to heavily impact the fabric of the global economy. There will be strategic implications for entrepreneurs, business leaders, managers and just about anybody running a business.

The primary feature of Blockchain technologies is that they enable decentralization. In fact a Blockchain can be considered as intrinsic secure distributed database (ISDB)

More and more businesses are exploring now how to adopt Blockchain technologies in their current strategies to gain a decisive competitive edge on their competition.

Aloaha provides you with its insights on the most recent Blockchain developments and trends that will affect the industry. We offer our advisory services to a wide variety of both public and private organizations, in diverse industry sectors.

Aloaha also provides you with a broad range of  software and services to get your project up and running in no time:

  • Consultancy to open shop in Malta
  • Web based (JavaScript) and Server based (.NET) Tools and SDKs to connect your business to public or private blockchains
  • Aloaha Blockchain
  • Many different token and coin templates which can be rolled out for you in a matter of days
  • Blockchain based  User Authentication

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